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Most people interpret my art in two ways according to their own emotions at the time or the emotions I felt when the artwork was created.

So, for me the meaning of a piece of art depends on feelings it awakens in us according to our own life experiences, and sometimes the feelings the artist's protrays in their art that is obvious to the viewer and they can relate to.

When people look at my art, they often feel intense emotions and can actually "see" and "feel" those said feelings within the work. I want my art to stimulate their imaginations.
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Shattered Pink. Created in marker pens.

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The legendary Ms Marylin Monroe.

1 year ago

Tom Waits musician my painting of him. By Lm art Lea Davis

1 year ago

I feel the Vibrations. We connect with sound,sight and smell,can your feel the vibrations. Oil painting/drawing/digital

1 year ago

Lady Hawk. The morph between the bird and human form. We are connected to the earth through the animals,plants,and seasons. The morph is the connection between the hawk and human form. Drawing/Digital art

1 year ago

Abstract 138.

You see but don’t hear.You feel but don’t touch.You exist but don’t live. original art by Lm art-Lea Davis. Mixed media.-Painting/drawing/digital combined art

1 year ago

Carried Away.Digital art…….© 2012 LM art- Lea Davis all copy rights reserved. To see more more of my Art do check out my facebook page.


2 years ago

Dream Weaver.

She is the keeper of our nightly dreams.The balls of light are captured dreams to see more of my art do check out my facebook page .http://www.facebook.com/lm.art.73

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Abstract 103 Digital art by Lm art -Lea davis. If you would to see more of my art follow me on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/lm.art.73

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Abstract ” Pain” canvas/digital combined painting from the abstract series “Feelings”.

© 2012 LM art- Lea Davis all copy rights reserved.

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